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Care Instructions for Children's clothing

We want every garment we make to look as good and last as long as your child is wearing them. If the instructions on the care labels are followed, then the quality and appearance of the garment will be maintained.


The washtub symbol indicates the domestic washing process. The two variables in the washing process are:
* Water temperature - indicated by degrees Celsius inside the tub.
* Spinning - indicated by the use of a bar or broken bar underneath the tub.

Listed below are the wash symbols commonly used:

  • - maximum water temperature 50°C
  • - reduced mechanical action
  • - reduced spinning
  • - maximum water temperature 40°C
  • - normal mechanical action
  • - normal spinning
  • - maximum water temperature 40°C
  • - reduced mechanical action
  • - reduced spinning
  • - maximum water temperature 40°C
  • - much reduced mechanical action
  • - normal spinning
  • - do not wring by hand

Chlorine bleaching

The triangle indicates the bleaching process

  • - chlorine based bleaching allowed
  • - dilute solution and use cold water
  • - do not use chlorine based bleach


The iron indicates the ironing process.
Maximum temperature levels are indicated by one, two or three dots within the symbol.

  • - hot iron
  • - sole plate temperature to be a maximum of 200°C
  • - warm iron
  • - sole plate temperature to be a maximum of 150°C
  • - cool iron
  • - sole plate temperature to be a maximum of 110°C
  • - do not iron
  • - do not steam or use steam treatments

Dry cleaning

The circle indicates the dry-cleaning process for all textiles except real leather and fur.

  • - normal dry cleaning procedure
  • - limitations on addition of water, mechanical action and temperature during cleansing
  • - and/or drying.
  • - do not dry clean
  • - do not remove staining with solvents

Tumble drying

The circle in a square identifies tumble drying. The severity levels are indicated by one or two dots in the circle.

  • - can be tumble dried
  • - normal drying cycle
  • - can be tumble dried
  • - dry at a lower temperature setting
  • - do not tumble dry

Exceptional instructions

From time to time it may be necessary to include additional wording to help you launder the garments correctly. We allow the following to be used but only where absolutely necessary:
· Sponge clean
· Re-shape whilst damp
· Dry flat
· Do not iron print
· Do not iron trim
· Iron on the reverse
· Iron whilst damp
· Rinse in fresh water immediately after use